Friday, December 10, 2010

Election crisis update

Five of our people were able to get out this afternoon thanks to a quickly planned flight from les Cayes to P-a-P.  Donald and Sam (Shelter2Home), Zack and Nathan (Cross International) and Chris (Free the Kids) took the back roads to the local airport late this afternoon and were able to fly out.  They'll have to stay in P-a-P for a while as American Airlines is not flying until Tuesday.
Things were much quieter today though there's still sporadic gunfire. Was able to get to the national road this morning but not any further as there's way too much debris on the road blocking all traffic.
Our main kitchen has run out of cooking fuel so we'll probably be cutting down a tree or two.  We've run out of bottled water but have AquaTabs so we're all set there.
Cabin fever is setting in and we hope to offset that with activities for the children.  The kind folks of the Schweitzer United Methodist Church are still with us and what a blessing they've been.  They are hoping to leave tomorrow and we'll miss 'em. 


  1. You all are in our prayers.

  2. I don't blame the kids for cabin fever! Our dogs have it due to the blizzard in Wisconsin!