Thursday, December 9, 2010

Update on crisis

After a night of plenty of noise (gunshots, firecrackers) things are eerily calm right now.  Barricades prevent us from circulating and our folks in town cannot get out here.  Lots of tires are burning and the stench is bad.
People are listening to their radios (if they have one) and sharing the info with others.  Too bad the stuff they hear is not always accurate.
Our kind friends from the Schweitzer United Methodist Church are scheduled to depart tomorrow but we'll just have to wait and see.  American Airlines has shut down service to Haiti for the time being.
Police stations in the surrounding towns have been taken over by thugs and I've heard that many police have just abandoned their posts.  Not good.
Lots of rumors flying around but I prefer relating only the stuff that has been confirmed.  Your prayers are GREATLY appreciated.


  1. praying for you, praying for the kids, praying for peace.....

  2. Scary stuff...hope our visitors get out OK sometime soon. Prayers continue...

  3. All my thots are with you guys. I can only imagine such events happening! Mother Nature is one thing; human violence another.

  4. Hi Fr. Marc, We're praying for all of you. Big hugs, Sue