Monday, December 13, 2010


Thank goodness it's raining. The crops need the water and the rain seems to have a calming effect on the people. We are hoping to replenish supplies today. Schools are still closed as the Ministry of Education is being very cautious.
Threats are being made by both Martelly's and Celestin's supporters so we're in a no-win situation. If Celestin is confirmed as the #2 candidate, Martelly's people promise violence. If Martelly gets the second slot, Celestin's friends will react. A small group of business leaders is attempting to talk with both local parties but dialog seems impossible.
In a way the situation here is like a volcano that has been building pressure for a very long time. The massive earthquake, the million homeless people and 300,000 dead, Hurricane Tomas, the Cholera epidemic, an unresponsive government, high cost of living and even higher unemployment, a biased election... all contribute to the people's frustration.
Thank you for your prayers.

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