Friday, February 5, 2010

Containers to warehouse

We are adapting the containers we have so that they can accommodate more stock. Will post a photo of them when we are done.
Why are we doing this? There's a ship coming in to Les Cayes next week. It originated in Maine where hundreds of Mainers provided it with humanitarian stuff: food, blankets, clothing, tents.. It then went to Boston for some prep work for the trip down here. Well, the Haitian community and others in the area heard about it and brought more humanitarian stuff. The ship will be in the Miami area early next week and will pick up tons of food, clothing, medical supplies through the generosity of Cross International. It is scheduled to arrive here in Les Cayes next Wednesday. We will be receiving the bulk of it which we will sort out and then distribute to 18 orphanages in the south as well as other non-profits. The vessel's name: M/S SeaHunter and the courageous captain's name is Greg Brooks of SubSeaResearch. Google this for more info.


  1. Sub Sea Research LLC is a privately held limited liability Corporation based in Portland , Maine USA . Founded in 1984 by Greg and Kathy Brooks and joined by Lois and John Hardy as principal partners in 1993, the company has achieved a continued steady success rate in locating and recovering researched historic shipwrecks worldwide and continues to develop the Shipwreck Institute of Maine Project, as well as a planned maritime museum in Haiti .
    Shown here, are the principal founders and co-managers of Sub Sea Research. Lois and John Hardy, and Kathy & Greg Brooks.
    Greg & Kathy have started and operated several successful businesses and have been active in Shipwreck Explorations for over 20 years. John and Lois Hardy have owned and operated a Portland based Lazy Boy Furniture gallery for 20 plus years. John was also a Sr. Projects Engineer for NASA on the Apollo space suit and brings his considerable engineering development & management experience to Sub Sea .
    The foursome shares a common dedication to Sub Sea Research's goals and long term success.
    (I googled it.)

  2. Very interesting. What great work.

  3. Thank goodness that these wonderful people are helping and on their way. It appears that it is easier to get to Les Cayes from Maine these days then it is from PaP. Hard to believe.

  4. Wow! Amazing! Soooo excited for you!