Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guess whose coming to dinner..

Duckens Douyon went home to check on his family last week. He ended up getting mumps and had to stay a few extra days. He called me a few days ago and asked if he could bring "some" boys who were either orphaned or indirect victims of the earthquake. Well, "some" boys walked in this evening--- a total of fifteen from the age of eight to twelve years old. We'll straighten out their stories tomorrow. Right now we have to feed them. Catch me tomorrow for an update.


  1. has anyone ever talked about bringing vaccinations for mumps down there?

  2. We have not had much luck in getting mumps vaccine donated. The Haitian immunization program includes moinimal vaccines; measles is one, but not mumps as far as I can tell. The program ceases at age 5. All of our kids have at least had tetanus and most have had DPT, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Drs. Mutty.