Sunday, February 14, 2010

First gathering

Full house this morning at church for the entire ESPWA family. Rough head-count: 863

The new little guys mixed in well with our older little guys at Sunday School. There are three classrooms for Sunday School taught by our older boys. Program was started by Amanda and she should be proud of how well it has continued. Special thanks to Joanel Dejantus for keeping the flame alive.


  1. Thanks for the picture Father Marc!! I am so proud of Dejantus and the other boys running the Sunday School! They are the only reason it has kept going!

  2. You deserve to have a bigger commercial kitchen, which I hear is a future project. Cooking meals for 863 and counting plus about 250 +/- staff ought to be easier once this project gets done. Super-sturdy stainless steel commercial gas range with 8 burners+ grill (Garland has them but other makes may be better.) You will need fans to keep the tolerable temps. Bonne chance!