Sunday, February 14, 2010

Two truckloads

It took two trips to get all the children from LaMadonne to Castel-Pere but they made it all safe and sound. Would have used the bus but the seats have been removed so that we can use it for transporting humanitarian supplies when the ship arrives which we hope will be soon. Things are looking good on that score.


  1. I wish these children some peace and happiness ahead! (just wondering-- are they newly orphaned or from other facilities?)

  2. Hello! Have followed your blog-spot daily since January 13 when I found it by chance in an msnbc news report. I have printed off 2 weeks worth at a time to share with another donator who does not use internet. After in-depth research, and a recommendation from Pastor Dan up in NY, I signed up with a monthly donation.
    Father Marc, you are writing a compelling book of life and hope that every official in charge of Haiti's future should read.
    How can I help make that happen?

  3. Welcome aboard, Lloy! I,too, researched this wonderful small charity. Did you click Archives, IRS Determination Letters, Financial Reports, etc. in their website? This is the only charity whose founder communicates daily thru his blog. I, too, have committed monthly donations.