Sunday, February 14, 2010

TiOurs (little Bear) strikes again

I was heading from the clinic to the Guest House yesterday afternoon in a down mood as things have been far from easy. Trying to organize and integrate 103 new children, planning on the unloading of the M/V SeaHunter in two locations here, dealing with half the workers not coming in because of the Three Official Days of Mourning and then I saw TiOurs and I smiled. I needed this at that particular moment. He flopped over to the Quad with me and Peter gave him some trail mix which visitors had left behind. He then proceeded to distribute the mix to his friends one peanut, one M&M, one a time. What a hoot!


  1. What a gift! He needs our thanks. Keep taking care of him.

  2. How sweet and generous of him. He must be an NF.

  3. This is what I mean when I say that the Haitians are a beautiful people.... their beautiful smile that lifts any spirit, their vitality, their boundless faith in God; their forebearance and resilience. We, in moribund American suburbs, have a lot to learn about the gifts of life.