Thursday, February 4, 2010


Today is processing day for the boys from Tiburon. Their biographies are being recorded, birth certificates confirmed and names of relatives being listed. Once that is compiled, we will be sending someone to Tiburon to verify each child's story and getting signed approvals from the "parent" or other authority. Files for the boys will be copied and sent to the Department of Human Services so they know what is going on in their department. In light of the now infamous Baptist missionaries' blunder in attempting to rescue the children in PaP and bring them to the Dominican Republic, I thought it important to share with you the necessary bureaucracy we have in place which ultimately protects the children.


  1. Fr Marc,
    Is there, was there or will there be a proper census in Haiti? Just curious.

  2. There have been two taken since I've been here but neither was very accurate. I have no idea how "they" have come up with the total population figures.


  3. It is nice to think that the government cares about the kids.