Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Unlike all the previous Mardi Gras celebrations I've seen (mostly heard), today was subdued. Understandable considering the great loss felt by everyone. Except for us grass-root small non-profits, there's been no international relief here. How much longer will we be ignored? Tensions are high in the city as people are hungry and have no means to purchase food. Families are hurting under the strain of hosting those from PaP. Heard that a small vessel came to port this afternoon and that there was a riot as people fought to get food. No police or UN military for security. No real plan other than give out food and blankets. Not good.
We spent the day keeping the kids busy and happy, updating our archives with the new children's info, trying to reply to emails when HughesNet won't cooperate, making sure we are covering all our bases for the arrival of the SeaHunter to avoid another riot...
Funny thing, no children's rights people came today. Must have been a sanctioned day off (a mental health day?) or they read my earlier post. Looks like I struck a nerve as I've never had that many comments on a post before.
There's a new glitch with regards the M/V SeaHunter that could be the end this mercy mission so please say a prayer that it gets to set sail tomorrow.
Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday so we will be celebrating Mass, one of the favorites of the year as all the children get to come forward and have us dirty their foreheads. We wish you a thoughtful and rejuvenating Lent.


  1. TS Eliot's Ash Wednesday poem (part of it)

    Where shall the word be found, where will the word
    Resound? Not here, there is not enough silence
    Not on the sea or on the islands, not
    On the mainland, in the desert or the rain land,
    For those who walk in darkness
    Both in the day time and in the night time
    The right time and the right place are not here
    No place of grace for those who avoid the face
    No time to rejoice for those who walk among noise and deny
    the voice

    Pray that those of us who have been given much will be cognizant that we will be held accountable and that our resources would be a blessing to others and that we would be ashes...

  2. Melissa...thanks for this poem. Do you know W.H.Auden's:

    He is the Way.
    Follow Him through the Land of
    You will see rare beasts,
    and have unique adventures.

    He is the Truth.
    Seek Him in the Kingdom ofAnxiety
    You will come to a great city
    that has expected your return
    for years.

    He is the Life.
    Love Him in the World of theFlesh
    And at your marriage
    all its occasions shall dance
    for joy.

    Happy Lent! Time for renewal.

  3. I heard on NPR today that food and water wasn't the problem anymore (the story was on the need for sanitation) . . . what planet are they living on?? Haiti has dropped off news and when there is news, it's not very complete.

    If anyone knows anyone in media (larger or small) please ask them to report on what's happening in other parts of Haiti.

    Fr. Marc, thank you for your blog!!!!!!!

  4. Fr Marc,
    You had stated that you store food for some smaller orphanages. I have heard of Sr Flora on Ile a Vache and am inspred by her work as well. A couple of ladies I know visited her before. I hope to get the chance as well. Do you hear from her and how they are dong? Is that orphanage one that you store things for? Just curious.
    Thanks for all of your updates,

  5. I am collecting at least small amounts of money every time i do a foot massage on someone. I am a foot Reflexolist...Also, I am in contact with Dee and Susan and hope to figure out what things we can collect from here that you actually need and want. It will be on the container that Dee is shipping out of Lake Forest in April...
    I realize that people who are really interested in your work need to be prepared for the long durations of challenge in your area as you, being as prepared as you were are a beacon of hope for the area.
    I am praying for that little boat to get going out of Miami Harbor!!!! Betsy

  6. To Belinda,
    I found out about Soeur Flora Blanchette on the web, and her story. Quite a tough little nun on such an isolated island with no electricity, and everything has to be shipped in. Her little charity suffered from 'la scandale' hitting the media of 2 Canadian male volunteers who were found to have been sexually abusing the kids. They no longer accept male volunteers as a result. There are always negatives that would affect charities. Our task is to pray that they do not give up. Let us focus on the positive, not the negative. Let God do the judging.