Monday, February 1, 2010

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This is Jean Gardy Dorcena standing next to Lifaite Nelson. Jean Gardy just turned nine, has two sisters who are younger, a deceased father and an unskilled mother who can't afford to buy food for the family much less send the children to school. This family is on our list of those who need assistance and that list is getting longer every day. We have got to come up with a training program for mothers like this one and help them get on their feet. Hope the reconstruction efforts include this aspect.


  1. what kinds of skills would be useful for a woman in haiti to learn?

  2. Father Marc, Does Heifer International offer any programs in your area? I would think tending animals may be a good, simple skill to teach. I would love to volunteer for such a training program, but I am an advertising executive and am not sure what I could offer.....except that I am an idea person:)

  3. You are so right Father Marc! I hope so too.