Monday, February 1, 2010

Prisoner in hospital

I've talked about the wounded prisoners who have not been provided any medical care. The reason given was that there are prisoners at the hospital and once they are treated and returned, the others will have their chance. Well, our medical team saw one of the prisoners who was shot over two weeks ago and he still has the bullet in his upper chest which severed the nerve to his shoulder. Our docs asked about a treatment plan for him and were told that he's not a priority. What a statement on the value of human life!!


  1. At least for the time being he is lying in a clean bed and being treated like a human being.

    Barb in LC

  2. Fr Marc, Thank you for continuing to keep us updated on not just the children but on the prisoners as well. Yes, it is truly outrageous how inhumanely the prisoners are treated there; how little value their lives seem to have. Know that the sacrifices you and your staff are making for them are greatly appreciated by those of us who support you and your work. Thank God for the medical personal who were able to travel to Haiti to give of their time and talents. As always, I will keep all of you in my prayers.