Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am glad that President Bill Clinton has been named as the Coordinator of the Haitian Relief Effort. Maybe now we will start seeing some humanitarian assistance in the countryside.
Life goes on here. I am always amazed at the resilience of the Haitian people. Oh, yes, there is frustration and some anger. Tensions are high with too many people and not enough money for food. There is hoarding and some black-marketing going on. But, generally speaking, the folks here are doing a fantastic job of helping each other out.
The medical crisis is pretty much over and we have entered the recovery stage.
There are thousands upon thousands of amputees now. A physical handicap here is almost a death sentence as almost all work is physical. The ortho team spoke of returning with some friends in the prosthetic business. Once the amputations have healed, people should be fitted with prosthetic limbs as soon as possible. We are thinking of transforming our building in town, LaMadonne, into a resource center for the newly amputated. There is such a great need for this now. We should provide counseling as part of the service and explore job training opportunities. This is also a good opportunity to provide training and jobs for our older boys. We'll need your sustained help to make this happen.


  1. YOu may be interested in this article. Heather Mills McCartney was on Larry King Live speaking about her collection drive for prosthetics through PHysicians for Peace. Complete article:

    May be a potential partner for what you have in mind.

  2. I gave an update based on your blog to our Rotary Club here today. Am going to pursue making the amputee program a project for us.
    Steve in Wisconsin

  3. Do you still have the 100 orphans you just took in (from Laogone?) at LaMadonne? If so, where will they go when you set up the prosthetic center? Suedysmsent