Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our newest, Ti Claude

This is Ti Claude, four years old.  Was with his mother in PaP who was hurt in the earthquake.  She'll be fine and able to recuperate faster now that we have taken charge of her son's welfare.  I'm not so sure that Ti Claude agrees with this.  He's holding all his worldly belongings.


  1. Hi Fr.Mark,

    We had a bake sale for you and raised $300.00 for the orphanage. We're from Mission Parish School and wanted to help you! Is it best to send a check to Lake Forest or electronically? We hope things are going okay. Our names are Kellan and Caroline Jenner. Caroline is in 7th grade and Kellan is in 3rd. We hope this helps a little bit; please tell the children we're thinking of them and praying for them. :) We hope you'll be able to visit Mission when things get better.
    Love, Kellan and Caroline Jenner

  2. On behalf of the children, thank you very much Kellan and Caroline. Either way is fine. God bless you.
    Fr. Marc