Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Tiburon Gang

The boys from Tiburon mostly came with the clothes on their backs so we gave them some t-shirts and underwear this morning to hold them over for a while. They were grateful. Gonna wait for the ship to come in as we hope there will be clothing and footgear on it for all the children. If not, we will be purchasing what they need.


  1. They must feel so special now. Great to see smiles.

  2. Fr Marc...The boys look great! I know you said you do background story checks and paperwork, but since I'm a nurse I am curious about a little check-up or "once over" physically and mentally. Do you take that on right away or do you address things as they arise? Hope you don't mind me being curious.

  3. Yes, we see the children in the clinic, check their vitals and start a record on them. All these boys are amazingly well but one who has a bad skin condition.

  4. These boys are very lucky to have landed at Espwa...a life-changing event for them!
    Steve in Wisconsin

  5. Just went through almost you whole blog since the earthquake. We are proud of you and all who are helping you to do this.

    Fr. Wilhelm Steckling, OMI