Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spaghetti 4 breakfast

If there's one thing Haitian children love for breakfast, it's spaghetti. Frankel tuned out a fine meal this morning using a dash of hot peppers, some Magi, a sprinkling of garlic and a wallop of tomato sauce (ketchup). The kids dug right in.
Top photo is of a young mother and her child. Don't know her story except that she has nowhere to go.


  1. Hi Theo,

    I am responsible for several websites about sustainable building, and have been following your work at the orphanage in Haiti for quite some time. About a year ago I posted a project page about the lovely Sun House that was built there. You can see this page at

    The reason I am writing now is that ever since the recent earthquake in Haiti, I have been inundated with requests to assist in one way or another with reconstruction efforts there. There has been a tremendous amount of interest in earthbag building for this, since it is fairly simple, inexpensive, and likely safer in earthquake and hurricane events.

    I am working with a team of professionals who are designing simple homes that can be built quickly and with sensitivity to the cultural values in Haiti. We have been contacted by several groups who are planning to provide the materials and logistics to build as many 10,000 homes in or near PAP. These designs are nearing completion.

    What we are lacking at this point are people who understand how to build with earthbags who are willing to do some training in Haiti, so that others might follow their lead. It has occurred to me that there already exists a crew of men who coordinated the building of the Sun House, and understand the fundamentals of how to build this way.

    Is there any possibility that any of these people would be able or willing to help with some training of this sort? I am sure that they would be paid well for this, and they would have the satisfaction of knowing that they would be helping their countrymen.

    I am very impressed with the work that all of you are doing to help alleviate suffering and provide sanctuary for so many kids and others in Haiti. I do keep you all in my prayers.

    Kelly Hart
    kellyhart AT

  2. Kelly,

    I have been a regular visitor at your website. Thank you for your kind words.
    Yes, I have a small crew of young men who built the SunHouse and who could replicate it. Could they train others? Don't know. A few could but we are not talking engineers here. One thing that we would have to reconsider is the roof. Sheet metal turns the whole house into a bakery on hot, sunny days. Thatched roofing would be better but that's no longer culturally acceptable and it's not easy to find a qualified craftsman. Parts of Haiti are infested with hungry termites and the earthbags are not a barrier.
    Let me know what else you need and we'll try to accommodate you.
    God bless and thank you for the prayers.