Monday, February 15, 2010

Update M/V Sea Hunter

As far as I know, the Sea Hunter is still in Miami but should be getting underway very soon. Thank goodness! I know nothing (almost nothing) about maritime regs and requirements but things have been sorted out and she will be headed southeast to Miragoane to offload several containers and then on to Les Cayes to transfer the rest of its cargo to smaller boats to the wharf in town.
I've started getting requests from other small NGOs whose supplies have been depleted in their efforts to assist the hurt and displaced from PaP. Our children will be the first beneficiaries, followed by the orphanages in our network and then the NGOs we usually work with. The big boys (large NGOs) are still getting their act together-- at least down here in the south.

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  1. Charity begins at home....Espwa comes first here.
    Steve in Wisconsin
    II Timothy 2:15