Saturday, February 13, 2010

How many?

In the comments yesterday someone asked how many children are we caring for at this time. Won't know until later today when the second busload of Cavaillon kids arrives. The total number of resident children should be around 800 but I'll let you know exactly when I know. We also feed approximately 75 to 100 children who do not live with us but who regularly come by at mealtime. Should I mention the children in our six schools and those we treat in the clinic? Looks like we have to sit down and recalculate as there have been more in all categories since the earthquake.


  1. Bonjour! That was me. I guesstimated about 1,000 people that you must feed at how much per day? This is my pragmatic side awakening to your situation. I have been asking the Lord every morning at Morning Prayer to make me generous and to give with a cheerful heart. He answered! So... I'm doubling my monthly commitment. It will be done the first week of every month. May God be blessed forever! P.S.: suggest that you take surveys, and expand your 'census,' writing down their disabilities and talents. It'll be handy in the future. I emailed Regina the website of Bunker Roy, Founder of Baqrefoot College. Click his Annual Reports and you will get a lot of practical ideas.

  2. that is I found the Annual Reports full of interesting data that could apply to your foundation.