Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The superior of the Missionaries of Charity brought some visitors over yesterday afternoon. They are the Sisters of Mercy from Michigan and what is cool is that half of 'em are doctors and the rest work in the medical profession. We had a nice chat. Dr Steve is seen above discussing his plans to start a training clinic to assist amputees who will need help in about three months. Prosthetic limbs (hundreds of thousands of them) will be needed here, will need to be fitted to the person, will need to be repaired. We are looking at starting a new ministry for these people and a possible career option for the older boys.


  1. Fr Marc,

    Here's business idea that may work for your younger men: advertise for well drilling services in the US and Canada. Family members abroad are in a better position to pay for the services. Also, churches across the country can purchase community wells.

    They can start off small (maybe with a loan) and have people in the states simply handout/hang up flyers in Little Haiti. Maybe get some free ads placed in church flyers/news papers. Once they start I'm sure they can do some interviews and get some free media.

    They'll need a website/blog, a business phone and a contact person. If families can purchase the wells state side, there'll be no need for translators. When stateside/world wide churches/organizations are looking for a way to help . . . here's a service that provides well paying jobs and much needed clean water.

    Let me know if you think this is practical! If so, I know someone who can help make up a great flyer.

  2. My Father Dr. Mark Kelley is in the top picture taken 2/1 posted today 2/2. Fr. Samway SJ had told me in an e-mail about your place. I work for the Wisconsin Jesuits. It was great to see a pic of dad and read about your wonderful orphanage.
    Christine Kelley Stack
    Computer Admin
    Wisconsin Province Jesuits

  3. You are always thinking of ways to make life better for your kids Father Marc. More help is need finacially to get all these projects off the ground.

  4. Great idea about the older boys learning how to make artificial limbs, etc. This would make a great Rotary project, so I will mention it at this week's meeting in Kewaunee.
    Steve in Wisconsin

  5. Incredible idea! You should be able to get sponsors for this or even "micro loans"