Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We brought Sonsonn to our clinic and the doc said that he was protein malnourished with the bloated stomach, skinny limbs and that he most likely had parasites. His skin is in terrible shape, scabies and something else. We'll put him on a special diet, treat him for parasites and take care of his skin condition. Sonsonn is soft-spoken, apparently bright and polite. He did not appear real excited to be with us nor did he seem all that broken-hearted to have been abandoned. Could be some psychological affect thing due to being poorly nourished or something else. Our counselor will speak with him at length to see what else we can do for him. Meanwhile, you can keep him in your prayers.


  1. I'm hugging him from here. Tonight's going to be hard. Tomorrow is a new day. Hope he makes a friend..he'll have a lot to chose from.

  2. I would be plain, old scared if my mom left me with strangers. He's not your first abandoned child and, sadly, won't be your last.