Monday, February 22, 2010

Latest tremor

Everyone here is talking about the tremor this morning.  It was a 4.9 on the scale which is not much when compared to the big one.  However, when houses are barely standing after an earthquake and a tremor like this comes along more houses crumble and more lives are lost.  Heard that over 150 people died this morning.  Have not been able to verify this on the web so I hope it's false. 
It has been raining off and on so the poor people in the tent city must be miserable.  Keep them in your prayers.


  1. Hey you guys....Its not PTSD until it is "P" as in POST.....darn it, not current....OK so, remember to take care of yourselves in all this mess of tremors and after tremors and such...
    do ya need me to come down for a quick workshop as soon as my Dengue is done???

  2. Sorry to hear that you had to indure another assualt by Mother Nature. As Wiccan we try to connect with Ghia to prevent these type of catastrophies but we don't always prevail, after all, we are only human.
    Thanks to the powers that be that the Sea Hunter is underway to soon reach those in need in Southern Haiti.

  3. the blog is getting all kinds of attention. that's good - hopefully it will bring more awareness, more donations.

    I also have not found any confirmation of death toll in the Feb 22 tremor, so I, too , hope they are only rumors.