Friday, February 26, 2010

Here we go...

The M/V SeaHunter is in port at Miragoane.  Berthony Piard went there this morning to assure that all go smoothly.  But this is Haiti so he's now in PaP trying to get the General Director of Customs to call the Director of Customs at Miragoane and authorize the off loading of the containers.  Seems that the reams of paperwork do not suffice.  Wonder what the next obstacle will be? 


  1. Got my toes crossed, again! But just an aside...I think I'm in love with TiOurs. His distinctive little face is like a light on these pages. Thank you for sharing him with us!

  2. So, pretty interesting. I was looking at the map and Miragoane is on the "inside southern arm", of Haiti toward PaP and Les Cayes as I know is on the "outside southern arm ." Just wondering, what projects you are associated with in Miragoane and how long do you think it will take (once unloaded there) for the Sea Hunter to get to you?
    Oh...and hang in there.

  3. Fr. Marc~~
    What are you expecting inside the containers again? Sorry if it's in some other post; you can redirect me :)