Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The graduate

One of our graduates called me today.  He had been working at a hotel in PaP which was destroyed on that cruel day last month.  His wife and two children are fine but he now has no job, no place to stay and no family to help him out.  He started crying on the phone because things were going pretty well for him and now he's lost it all.  I tried in vain to encourage him.  Will call him tomorrow and arrange for a friend in PaP to help him out temporarily.  And Jonas is but one of hundreds of thousands of people!


  1. This breaks my heart.

  2. That is what family is all about. Life long support. Good for you and hope you can give him the help he needs.This breaks my heart too.clwayedu

  3. Oh. Ya got me there, Father Marc. Instant tears. I wish there was something I could do. But for now, I am going to pray for them and thank you for all your efforts. I know you will find a way to help them ... you always do.

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