Monday, February 15, 2010


See how the spaces in between the containers has been filled in with the cut-out walls of the middle container?

Metal roofing going up.
We will end up with a spacious open warehouse when we started with three cramped containers. The space between the roof and the walls will be heavy-duty screening and chicken wire so we have ventilation. Gonna get hot in there.


  1. These guys are very talented!
    Steve in Wisconsin

  2. I think this is very impressive work.

  3. Do you still need security guards in your compound, Fr. Marc?

  4. Its coming out well. The roof beams - Not sure if you made them yourselves, or they sort of look like a piece of scaffolding?

    In any case some diagonal x-braces in each of the rectangular openings of those roof beams will increase their strength dramatically.

    Then also some straps to tie the bottoms together - stretching from beam to beam - say aligned with each box. That will ensure that if one beam begins to twist it will be braced by the next one down the line.

  5. Thanks, Greg. We (the guys) made the beams. We'll go back and brace them once the shell is complete. Want it secured and rain-proof for the supplies coming in (hopefully soon).
    We have ten 20' containers coming. Got any neat ideas? Upcoming building projects: admin building, housing, agriculture center, professional school, day chapel...