Sunday, February 14, 2010

Popular sentiment

Fueled by an eloquent and charismatic Protestant pastor, there have been popular manifestations these last few days in Cayes asking (begging) the United States to take over Haiti. Little US flags were everywhere yesterday afternoon and petitions were being signed by lots of people giving their approval for the US to look upon Haiti as another Puerto Rico. There's a hushed minority who thinks any US involvement is an "occupation" but they are too outnumbered to speak out.
The pastor has been all over the radio and television since the earthquake talking this up and he's gotten into a very public debate with the mayor who is having a hard time defending Haitian sovereignty in light of the inability of the government to meet the incredible needs of the people.
Whatever happens, the US will there to help the Haitian people.


  1. I wish Canada could/would do it!!

  2. After visiting Haiti, I think this is an excellent idea.

  3. I am all for it! I called the State Department and suggested it but of course just got the standard message machine. I suggested Preval sign Haiti over to Hillary Clinton for 50 years and then we give it back once there is a legit government in place and infrastructure is rebuilt.

  4. I looked up Haitian history in Wikipedia... around 1790 the French called the western part of the Hispaniola (St Domingue) and it was the richest French colony in the New World due to huge profits in sugar, coffee and indigo made possible by African slaves brought to the islands. Will that day arise again for Haiti? Ojala!