Thursday, February 11, 2010

Top photo: Director Berthony Constant filling in the forms for Judelin Vilne. The mother, Winette Dorlus, and her children are victims of the earthquake. They lost their home and the mother lost her job. She has moved in with family in Les Cayes but there's no room and no money so we agreed to accept her son, Judelin, until she can make other arrangements. The bottom photo is of Elandia Michelle with her older brother.

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  1. It's so obvious that Judelin is determined to be brave . . . what a heart-breaking situation for everyone. Thank goodness his mom brought him to Pwoje Espwa, and thank goodness you're there for him. I'll pray for him and for Sonsonn, and for all the children -- and their families -- and for you and your staff.