Friday, February 12, 2010

Good news

Nathalie with two boys who will come to us tomorrow. Who wants to bet these are brothers?

Berthony waxing eloquent and calming the folks in Cavaillon.

One busload of children from the Cavaillon group was allowed to leave so half of them will be well fed and sleep indoors tonight. Berthony was very diplomatic and convinced the anxious neighbors that everything was on the up and up. Thank you, Berthony.


  1. Keep up the good work Berthony!!

  2. Father Marc, for those of us seeing and reading you from a distance, we can't help but admire how you show us what's goin' on in your daily postings. Your pictures consistently show the children in the best possible way; they're nicely quaffed and attired before they get before a camera. As God sees them in their purity, you show us that image. All this despite the conditions you must tolerate. Your work is a source of admiration for those of us who can only watch your results. Sure hope I can go over this with you on your next SoCal visit. Hope our prayers will help.