Monday, January 18, 2010


Someone commented on a previous post about our not being able to access the money in our bank account. Money that is donated to us via website or snail mail is deposited in our Bank of America account. No problem there. Normally, when we need funds, an electronic transfer takes place into our account in a local bank. That's the account that is not accessible at this time. In all the years that I've been here, this is the first time that the bank has failed us. The manager of the local branch told us this morning that he hopes to see the bank reopened by Wednesday. Other options are things like Western Union (there are four similar services here) or using a courier. So, making a donation is safe and does get to us. This is going to take a long time. There are immediate needs like the ones I'm talking about here and there are long-term needs which will incorporate new, safe housing and rebuilding the country's infrastructure which for all practical purposes is gone. This is a massive undertaking which I hope will be supported by all the countries and people already involved.
I was speaking to a Haitian-American today who spent his whole professional life in the states. In reflecting on recent events, he said that Haiti is no longer chained to its old history, it has broken free. He added that we owe it to the fallen and to the children to build a new and better society. Don't you agree?


  1. I'm so glad you had power enough to post your blog today, and time enough to do it. It's how we all know that you and the children are hanging in there. You are all constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Big hugs to all of you.

  2. It will be a long time coming, but I anticipate that Haiti will emerge stronger and more economically sound than before. But that can only happen with the support from other nations and individuals who care enough to step up to the plate and help now and continue to help long term.

  3. How do we send Western Union funds - need an address, location.

    Looks like Western Union is waiving fees right now.


  4. I do agree and believe it can happen, although it will take years as you mention. On the news here in the U. S. others are expressing views similar to the Haitian-American you spoke with, Father Marc.

  5. It is said, Out of the ashes the Phoenix will rise. God has what sometimes seems like strange ways of helping us, but he always has a purpose in whatever happens. We must just be patient and know this suffering will not go to waste. The world may come together with the help of Haiti!

  6. absolutely agree. the only way out is through. and all of us as citizens of the world should participate in this process.