Saturday, January 30, 2010


Four hundred and fifty plastic lunch boxes getting filled with prepared and tasty food destined for the incarcerated in the local prison. Bottom photo: Dino looking a bit exhausted after cooking the food and now helping to distribute it.
The prisoners were allowed to leave their cells today for the first time since the riot so they could bathe. Most do not have soap or other personal hygiene items but they were very happy to get out and stretch. Repairs are being done to the damaged cells and as they are certified "secure" prisoners are placed in them alleviating the super-crowded conditions. Lord, help them.


  1. Hello, Dino from Papa Dan! God bless you for your work in helping those in need. I wish I could taste your food again! Some day! God bless you, Fr. Marc, and all who are serving the Lord by serving his own.

  2. Hopefully, conditions will improve quickly. Sad situation.

  3. Hello Father Marc and others at Hope Village,
    We are friends of Stephanie and Neil Cohen. Our children have made a donation of their own to the orphanage. They are very sad for all the children and very impressed by your work and dedication. We hope that your days are improving little by little.
    Margie, Mark Wes(11), and Teaghan
    (6) Koerner

  4. Fr. Marc,
    I know PAP is far away, but if anyone if coming in from PAP, here's some information that might be helpful:

    According to the MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) website, at the airport they still are receiving undesignated medical and other supplies. The hangar is right "behind" the Univ. of Miama field hospital. Any organization is welcome to those supplies. Just show up and ask.

  5. Thanks for that info. We'll try our contacts in PaP and see what can be done.