Monday, January 25, 2010

We continue to assist our sisters and brothers in prison. The young man in the center of the prison cell photo is one of our former residents. It is heartbreaking to see him there. They are still under lock and key all day long. It is way beyond comprehension. Repairs are being made to the rest of the prison so that the incarcerated can at least get out to take a bucket shower. They have not received medical attention since the lock-down; gunshot wounds have not been treated; they have no personal hygiene stuff. Words cannot describe this situation.
In the bottom photo are our guys prepping the food for distribution and, yes, that's our very pregnant Nancy standing on the left.


  1. Hopefully, Nancy is getting some rest during this busy time at Pwoje Espwa!

    This would seem like a good time to parole the non-violent offenders. Yeah, yeah, I know the system doesn't work that way...

  2. This picture of the prisoners absolutely breaks my heart