Friday, January 22, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel

Can't say that things are much better but there are signs that the situation in improving. Some fuel made it to town so that scenario has been somewhat alleviated. The bank was open for two hours today but they have no cash reserves. We received cash via a courier and that has relieved a lot of pressure on me and my staff. The medicine is still lacking, the infrastructure is still non-responsive as assistance trickles in. My staff and I are starting to feel the exhaustion that this crisis has brought about. Sleeplessness, loss of appetite, headaches are signs of getting burnt out so I've asked that our people take some time for themselves. What good are we if we can't stay awake or be compassionate when the need arises?
Am tired, too tired to write so we'll see you here tomorrow.


  1. please care for yourselves so that you may remain strong for the others. other than saying prayers and making donations, it's hard to not feel helpless here in NC. our plans this Sunday again include working with the elementary aged kids on whatever support we can send.
    thank you for the updates...I know that you are exhausted physically and emotionally... your blog helps us try to understand...the Lord be with you.
    First Pres ~ Greensboro, NC

  2. Fr Marc, We are glad that you are trying to take some time to relax... there are many challenges ahead. We feel helpless, but continue to act as ambassadors for you and the children - thank you for the updates - it is a relief to know you are safe. You have so much compassion ... God bless you and give you peace.
    Thank you for giving us an oportunity to be part of the hope and helping to keep it alive.
    Bill and Connie Williamson

  3. If you happen to hear any news of Michelet Pierre-Louise ever, I would love to hear he is well. Not a high priority in the midst of everything else, of course. I send my greetings and my prayers.

    Barb in New Mexico

  4. We will keep you in our prayers...take care of yourselves, or you can do no good to help these people.

    Denise in FHR

  5. Father Marc - Thank you for keeping us updated. Please take care of yourself. God bless you. Joan from Australia

  6. I have posted your home page at my local library, Shoprite supermarket in nearby NJ, and tomorrow at my local church. Hope it will move a few people to give to your charity which does not get the exposure as the big ones. Last night's Hope for Haiti event for 2 hours should bring millions, if not billions; some money should trickle to you via CRS and USAID. Elsie