Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two more tremors

Wow. Just finished with two more tremors that felt much like the first one right after the earthquake. Don't think the folks down here will sleep well tonight.


  1. this might be a good night to sleep in a hammock outdoors instead of under a cement roof

  2. So many people are responding to your message. Glad you and the kids are OK. We will keep the rest of the country in our prayers.

    Connie B.

  3. Sounds like it is going to be a long night. Keeping vigil for Haiti here.

  4. Fr. Marc, we are praying for all of you to be safe and "Be Not Afraid"....Patty and Dave Gross from Penobscot, Maine...met you at Our Lady of Holy Hope in Castine. We love all of you!!!!

  5. Just wanted to you know that I got a call from Sue Valiton and she was in Memphis, and will arrive home safely tonight. We will all pray you and all of the Haitian people as they struggle through these next days and weeks.


  6. I am praying for Haiti. Please keep us informed.

  7. Hi Marc,
    Steve Hall here. Let me know what you need (I think I can figure that out from here) and the best way you think we can get it there. I'll call Jack tomorrow.
    Peace. Steve

  8. Thoughts and prayers are with you and the people of Haiti..thank you for the updates..wonder what tomorrow will bring, the pics we saw on CBC tonight were of utter devastation in PAP. Denise

  9. Our church is praying for you and the country.

  10. Hi Fr. Marc, Just got home safely. I'm wondering if you've heard from Jean Gary after he dropped us off at the airport. I'll try calling Linda tomorrow. Let us know the best way to get help to you. Tell my boys I'm sending extra hugs and prayers to them tonight. Love, Sue

  11. Thank you for keeping us up to date. Haiti is in our prayers. -The Wallace Family, St. Hedwig, Los Alamitos, CA

  12. Glad to hear you are alright. We will keep all of you in our prayers.

    The Jarvis Family
    Long Beach, CA
    St. Hedwigs Parish

  13. I'm glad to hear you are all ok. Would you happen to know the whereabouts on the Missionaries of Charities compound and the orphanage? We have been unable to contact them or someone that can update us on the situation. Thanks for any information you can share.
    The Missionaries of Charity number in Miami for those in here is 305-545-5699, and the Sister Mother of the Miami compound left for one week last weekend to Haiti.

  14. Thanks for posting a SITREP so quickly. Glad to here everyone is OK in Les Cayes. The videos are coming on the news tonight from POP showing buildings collapsed and people suffering from injuries and looking for loved ones. Our prayers are with all in Hatti tonight. God bless
    Carol & Marty Bender

  15. Our prayers are with you all! I hope our Santiago de Compostela members are safe too.

    The Keddy family

  16. Fr. Marc,
    Glad to hear that everyone there is OK.
    Thanks for the timely posts. You and your kids are in our daily thoughts and prayers- now more than ever.
    Charles Tozzer

  17. Fr Marc,

    I'm glad to hear that you and your fold are all safe.

    God Bless you,
    Ken Schwartz

  18. Fr. Marc,
    Will be keeping you and all of Haiti in our prayers!

    Valerie O'Loughlin
    Shepherd of The Hills
    Eden, Wisconsin

  19. Fr. Marc,

    Our Thoughts and prayers are with you and the people of Haiti. Please let us know what we can do to help.
    Rita Hunter

  20. Fr. Marc,

    My Uncle, Fr. Charles Heon, was living on the orphanage a few years back. I will be pleased to report to him that everyone is ok and there wasn't damage to the structures. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you and the people of Haiti.

    Kristin Sullivan
    Rhode Island

  21. Kristin,

    Tell your Uncle Father Charlie that I was asking about him. Hope he is well.

    Connie Basso

  22. I was thinking about Fr. Charlie-- figured he must have been worried about the friends he left behind. Please give him my regards!


  23. I'm sorry to hear Haiti strucked by earthquake measuring 7.3 Richter Scale. This tragedi open my memory about tragedi which strucked Padang City, at West Sumatera, Indonesia, 2 moths ago. Yeah, exactly, on November 30th, 2010 Padang stucked by earthquake measuring 7.9 Richter Scale. I confident Haiti able to rise up even better than before. Get your dream! and remember Haiti: "You are not alone"

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