Saturday, January 23, 2010


The word for today is FRUSTRATION. Very poor communication as the cell phone company is swamped with calls and their circuits are overloaded. Can't reach Berthony. Can't reach our driver. We have US cash but can't exchange it for gourdes at this time. GRRRRR!
Fed more prisoners today. Seems like we are the only human touch in their lives at the moment. They are still locked up 24 hours a day. Absolutely no privacy. I'd be bonkers by now and can certainly relate to their frustration (there's that word, again).
Guess what? We had two working vehicles and one broke down yesterday afternoon. Remember the Janis Joplin song "O Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz"? Well, I was singing it all morning. Frustra... you know what I mean?
The pick up and delivery of the children from Leogane had to be postponed until tomorrow because our driver did not have the cash he needed until late this morning. The acting director and staff of the orphanage all want to come with the children but we can't guarantee them all jobs. Some grew up in the orphanage so this is really traumatic for them. We are sensitive to their needs and they could probably use counseling but where to find qualified counselors who speak Kreyole? Frustrating, non?
As always, we are very grateful for your support. Keep us in your prayers.


  1. Continuing to pray for all of you...

  2. We'll be remembering you all again especially at Mass tomorrow. Thank you so much for all the updates, Fr. Marc.

  3. You have to be one of the most upbeat people on earth -- to even think of Janis Joplin at this time is amazing. By the way, I love that song. You continue to be in my prayers.

  4. Fr Marc, You, the children, and the staff have always been in my family's thoughts and prayers since I visited the house in Les Cayes and the village in 2005. Since the earthquake, we have included the prisoners-such inhumane conditions!-and the rest of the Haitian people. I've sent info to many people telling them of your work. Tomorrow, the children in the Religious Program I direct will be asked to start collecting money to be sent to you. (We've done this during past Lenten seasons.) Please take care of yourself. My heart breaks for all of you. Thanks for the updates; I read them all the time. We NEED this information so we can pass it along. Sending prayers and hugs...

  5. Fr. Marc,
    Writing in appreciation of the universality of your voice in this blog.

    You are inspiring people in unmeasurable ways with your commitment and spirit. The voice and message carries.

    Thank you from one in the younger generations. Meditations and prayer are following you, along with sparks of greater understanding on what activism really means.

  6. uh, do I sense that you are a little bit frustrated? I am just frustrated that there is not more I can do to alleviate your frustration...

  7. are there any haitian employees who speak and read English? maybe we can find a way to bring some of them to the US for a counseling course? even just a 1-week crash course. i think red cross teaches disaster counseling or something like that. i'd be happy to host the guests : )

  8. Fr. Marc,
    In your case frustration is in the way to your eventual success. No doubt you are ready, willing, and able. Nature doesn't always oblige or behave as it should as we have seen in Haiti's crisis, but your patience and love remains strong regardless. You must shrug your shoulders and sing a song and know you are doing your best despite the odds. Your Godly efforts are a witness, and a blessing and security blanket for many. Your ministry expands to places beyond, and your kindness is instantly received. Good things will come your way in due time, your heart is in the right place. Your good efforts are not wasted by any means. Prayers will be answered, and positive thoughts will keep coming your way..