Sunday, January 3, 2010

Susan's Success

From Susan Midgett's blog- SOS for Haiti

I am so happy to share the wonderful news on this Christmas Eve, that the $100,000 goal for the new and more adequate medical/dental clinic at Pwoje Espwa in Les Cayes, Haiti, has been reached!! This is the best Christmas present! The timing couldn't be better. Thanks be to God for His inspiration, guidance and blessing of this endeavor for His children in Haiti. And a very special thank you to all the many donors (over 500 since March, 2009, when my fundraising efforts began), who have helped make this possible.

It's not too late to help:

Please keep Pwoje Espwa and the clinic in your prayers as the design phase is completed, the construction phase is begun, and beyond. The 100K goal has been met, but as you can imagine, there will be many ongoing expenses associated with the clinic's operation so care will be able to be given to the people who need it so desperately. Your support, if you feel so led, will continue to be needed and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

We here in Haiti are very grateful to Susan for her immense commitment that made the above possible. What a fantastic gift for our children and what an inspiration for the rest of us. Thank you, Susan. May God shower you and yours with His blessings.


  1. Congratulations! How soon can you get started?

    Barb in New Mexico

  2. What an accomplishment - God bless Susan and everyone that helped her.
    Shows what a good kind person can do in this world.