Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Thank you for your supportive comments and for your prayers.
Matante was overjoyed this afternoon to hear that her two daughters in Port-au-Prince are safe and that her grandson is fine. Two of our monitors, housemothers, have lost family in the earthquake. We have been inundated with people asking for money to get to Port-au-Prince to find their relatives. Maxime, who was recently married, lost his sister in the disaster and will be heading to PaP as soon as possible. It is hard to keep up with the individual stories.
Some of you have asked how you can help. Well, the easiest way is to go to our website at and make a donation so that we can afford to buy food, supplies and help out individuals and families in need. Your help is deeply appreciated.
Keep us in your prayers.

Father Marc


  1. Father Marc. My name is Ted, and I'm an assignment manager here at Channel 6 in Portland. I know cell service is virtually impossible right now in Haiti, but I'm wondering if there is any way we could correspond with you via e-mail or talk to you over the phone. We would very much like to do an interview with you about the situation there and what people here in Maine can do to help. I look forward to hearing from you, and God bless you and the people of Haiti.

    Ted Varipatis - WCSH-TV

  2. Marc and family:

    Lots of prayers & good thoughts from me & my friends in Alaska.

    Be well
    dr. jerry

  3. Hi Fr. Marc,
    Hope all is well with you.
    When I heard the news about the earthquake I immediately thought of you.

    I'll have to let my mom (Carmelita) know that you are okay, and I'll send her a link to your blog as well.


  4. Father Marc all of us here in So. Cal (Santiago de Compostela) are praying for you and all our friends at Pwoje Espwa.

  5. Hi Father Marc, Everyone at Assumption School in NJ is praying for you and all of Haiti.

  6. Father Marc...God bless and keep you all safe. It is very sad to hear about the earthquake. I am Marcel Boisvert, your cousin, now living in North Carolina. My prayers are with you and the people of Haity.

  7. Father Marc,
    All of us at St Kilian in Mission Viejo Ca. are praying for you, the kids and all of Haiti. Stay safe and God Bless you all.

  8. Father Marc:
    When we heard about the quake we immediately thought of you and your kids. Praise God that you all are ok. We will continue to keep all of Haiti in our prayers. May God continue to bless you all and keep you safe.
    Gary & MaryAnne Spruill

  9. Dear Fr Marc and everyone at Pwoje Espaw - after our wonderful week with you, we are devistated by the news of the earthquake. We hope that Matante's cousin whom we met at the gift shop at the airport is okay. Know that you and all the people of Haiti are in our prayers and we will continue to be ambassadors for you and the children. Thank you for all your kindnesses. Special hello to Linda, Peter and Natalie.
    love and prayers,
    Bill and Connie Williamson

  10. Fr Marc, you and your flock are in the prayers of your old Kodiak friends the Schleiffer's, now in N. Illinois. We"ll be contacting Jack to help out in the next days.

  11. Fr Marc, your flock is in our prayers. May help come quickly to those who need it and may the Lord bless those bringing it.
    We are all praying for you and your kids.

    Your friends at Serra Catholic in Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca

  12. Please do you know anything of bishop PIERRE ANDRE DUMAS?

  13. Hi are you managing to get internet connection to post? I am in Santos West of Port au Prince and it is only in the last couple of days that I have managed to get my blog working.