Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday morning

Thank you for your supportive comments. To Barb: Michelet is fine and working in masonry to repair the damaged classroom of our primary school.

Thanks to our friends at Cross International who have an office in PaP, fuel was found for our truck there. We have general directions to the orphanage near Leogane that was destroyed by the earthquake. Over a hundred children will be picked up today and brought here. The older boys who were living at LaMadonne in town are moving out here today to make room for them. They have been through enough trauma without adding more. Wish the cell phone was working better. Nine out of ten calls don't make it through. Will keep you posted on news of these children as things develop.

The banks are open this morning and the lines are incredibly long. With little cash reserve, folks won't be able to cash checks or withdraw much cash and tempers will flare.
More fuel has come into town though getting it into our vehicles is a real challenge as everyone is now into hoarding.

It is crowded in town but I have to admire the Haitians here who are making every space available for the refugees. Most of the displaced Haitians are trying to get to their home villages. The housing, food and fuel shortages we have here will follow them wherever they go. We are being bombarded by requests for employment. It will be easier now to find qualified administrators as they tended to be concentrated in PaP.

OK, enough rambling. Gotta get back to the front. Prayers, please.


  1. All of you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers, even if we can't be with you physically, we are with you spiritually. Please convey my best love to all the staff and children and keep some for yourself. Blessings,

  2. Fr Marc...I was fortunate to have visited Haiti in 2005 and toured Espwa with our group from Sacred Heart Church, Hopedale, MA (St. Gerard's twin). You were away at the time, but I have been greatly inspired by your work. I am an RN and interested in helping with a long term project...i.e. clinic. I know right now, life is minute by minute, day by day at best, but I have people at work here asking how they can help, knowing my love for Haiti. I direct them to your blog and tell them of your good work encouraging them to give. My thoughts and prayers are with you, the people who help you and the children of course.
    Peace and blessings,
    Belinda Lee

  3. Bless you all at Pwoje Espwa, for the work you are doing and for sharing news of the region with the rest of the world. Many people in Maine with ties to Haiti are following your blog and praying for you, your children, and all who are working to help the Haitian people.

  4. You are going to need qualified new employees with all the new kids. Hopefully, you can transfer some staff with the transfer of the kids so they will have familiar faces to continue to care for them.

    Prayers keep flowing in your direction, of course...

  5. How many more houses will need to build to support the new orphanages and what is the cost for each one?

    You are in our prayers morning, noon and night...

    God Bless you and your staff

  6. Haiti still lacks medical privileges. Now the organizations should also be concerned about these things.