Wednesday, January 13, 2010


No, not an earthquake victim. Nathalie tried breaking a fall with her wrist and found out that it isn't as flexible as she thought. Just a hairline fracture but still...six weeks in a cast.


  1. Fr Mark
    My name is Denis I'm Nathakies Dad
    Thank you for posting her picture. Even if I spoke with her this morning you bring great joy to my hart.
    Our prayers are with you all
    God Bless you and your work

  2. Poor Nathalie-- how uncomfortable!

  3. Thank you so much for the thoughts and prayers are with you all and am thanking god your all safe considering.... poor nat, stay safe everyone .. in the words of the wonderful Nathalie .. i am sending "healing angels".

  4. That's my beautiful friend Nat! Thank you so much for posting this picture - I miss her and am worried about her - so glad to see her, even with her injured fin! :)