Saturday, January 30, 2010

Volunteer translators

Two of our boys helped out in the operating room today at the General Hospital. Can you guess who they are? The first to guess correctly will get a free ESPWA water bottle? Course you'll have to pick it up here!! Former or current Espwa volunteers not eligible. That means you, Paige and Amanda.


  1. I think I know the one on the right, but since I was just there, I'll keep my opinions to myself. :) Hurry and tell us!

  2. Judex is definitely the one on the right.


  3. Adding English language to the curriculum was a good idea. It may give our kids a big advantage as the reconstruction begins and more Americans are working in Haiti.

  4. Nou konnen. Neg ki agoch se piti Paige. Neg ki adwat te renmen avek Amanda anpil e te ekri li anpil let yo.

    Nou kontan paske se noumem ki te apran yo angle.

    Nou sonje ou! Salye yo por nou.

    Ki le nap jwenn boutey yo?

  5. Wi, mon pe. Sa pa jis si nou pa kapab jwenn boutey yo.

    Se pa fot nou nou renmen espwa kom fanmi nou.

    Di pitit mwen kontinye fe'm fye.

    Nou vle la, men, nou konnen avek pasyans, w'ap we tete foumi.