Monday, January 25, 2010

Status report

More and more Haitians from PaP are arriving all the time. Trucks, buses, tap-taps, even motorcycles bring them here. The vast majority keep going, heading to family in the countryside. The problem is that most families are already poor and can't make ends meet. We have already started seeing the effects of strained families here in our area. Folks are begging us for food and we are doing what we can.
Those who have no family end up staying in a tent city. It is shelter and there's food distributed there but the despair that I've witnessed is pervasive. The Haitians here are doing what they can to help their sisters and brothers in their hour of need. There are always a few who try to profit from the occasion but they are exceptional, thank goodness.
I've been speaking to the mayor and some other officials about building a permanent town for these displaced people. They are too busy with the current problems to listen but we'll keep trying. The big NGOs have received a lot of money and I'm hoping to see some of it used in this area for a sustainable village. The Haitians have a saying: Pa bliye nou. Translation: Don't forget us. Help us keep their stories alive and be with them as they rebuild lives for themselves in the years to come.


  1. Father Marc - please know that we are praying for you and the work that you all are doing.

    Please tell the prisoners they are not forgotten.

    My husband and I want to give money a couple of months from now when giving slows down from other sources. We have given to the Red Cross but we desire to help a Christian ministry such as yours.

    We have shed tears over the people of Haiti and feel helpless. Please tell us if there is a need for more money right now. You are not forgotten - I came across your blog as #2 on the msnbc website for Haiti blogs.


  2. Father, I used your website to give a small amount, after giving to Catholic Relief Services through our parish. Are you seeing any assistance from CRS? Also, many prayers!

  3. Nous n'oublierons jamais les haitiens.
    My French is rusty, but please pass it on.

  4. No one who knows me (and even many who don't) will be allowed to forget!

  5. Please tell all of our Haitian friends that even though supplies and help seem to be caught in a bottleneck and slow in coming, the love and prayers of thousands of people are with them right now. We are doing everything we can think of to ease their suffering as quickly as possible. Don't lose hope.

  6. I have been following your blog daily and I have been watching the news daily. I want to share with you another blog that I have been following because there is some light trickling down this long dark tunnel. Heart 4 Haiti is seeing some relief. You can read their blog here.

    Now the question is how can we get this kind of aid to you? Maybe they have some connections or suggestions.

  7. Is s.o. editing the comment re the hydroplane is not there? It would say 'Anonymous.' I feel left out here; it seems hard to get involved beyond donating $. As promised today 1/26 I am making my 2nd donation. Was wrong about Hope for Haiti telethon; they raised only $58 mil + corporation donations. Just learned that Oxfam is British and was one of 6? big charities that will get funds from this event, as well as Wyclef Jean's charity, which is being monitored for paying $250K to his production co previous to this event. THIS IS THE TIME TO THINK OF A MASTER PLAN FOR THE VILLAGE AND FOR HOPE VILLAGE... build it stronger and more beautiful.

  8. I must have clicked wrong. Just signed up with google. OK, now. I am amazed at the slowness of US coordination to divert the excess planes to the outer villages like Les Cayes and Jacmel. Why must other nations' planes wait for their permission to land where you are. France 24 commented on the US monopolizing the relief effort, which is impossible to do, implying the vanity of the US being first. MSF planes were prevented from landing many times. I hope that the leaders are thinking ahead when the heavy rains and hurricanes come. I can't even visualize hell on earth.

  9. Dear Father Marc,
    Thank you so much for your constant updates. I am praying for you all.

    Is there any plan to use Earth Bags in rebuilding houses in Haiti? I remember you all built the Sun House a couple years ago using this technique, and it seems like it would allow you to rebuild on a more permanent scale than tents alone, and it would provide lots of work for the people.

    Thank you. May God bless you and all the people of Haiti!


  10. What else is there to do but 'keep the hope alive'.. That is what you are doing Father, every person you feed or comfort keeps the hope alive.. may the world's generousity show forth.. it would be unfortunate to detain aid for any reason.. Where there is a port, there is another way to distribute.. Bring it on!! would be your cry.. Find Peace when you can though a starving face would make it impossible.. God bless your efforts, your ministry is the hope for others to see.. God bless the Haitians for their patience under dire needs and stress.. Peace!!