Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Earthquake 2

The news from Port-au-Prince is very bad. Few could get through as the cell phones are either not working or the lines are jammed with everyone attempting to call. Heard from Andy Topp who is down here with a group helping out another orphanage in the area and they are all well. The focus right now is to help our sisters and brothers in the capital. Getting in and out of Port-au-Prince may not be possible as I've heard that the road has become impassable. As all of us down south depend on food shipments (and all other commodities) from Port-au-Prince, this could become a major crisis for us. Please do what you can for the Haitians and keep us all in your prayers.


  1. Fr. Mark My name is Andie Hannon and I'm a reporter from the Lewiston Sun Journal....would you be able to email me a comment or two about your reaction to everything...I am pulling together a story about local reaction - since so many from here know of your work there - and I think people would like to hear from you. ahannon@sunjournal.com

  2. I am sure I am not the only one glued to the TV news-- we probably have more current news than you. The situation Port au Prince is surely a nightmare. No outside help will be able to get in until tomorrow. Terrible tragedy, widespread disaster and chaos... Fires, cement buildings turned to dust, screaming and crying in the streets...Not much we can do besides pray for those who are suffering. I hope donations flow into Haiti quickly.

  3. Fr. Marc - My name is Cathy Steffes, from Shepherd of the Hills (Eden WI). You are our sister parish. Know that you and the children's welfare were my first thoughts when I heard of the earthquake. We are praying for all of you, as well as for ALL affected by this devastation. The five prayer groups, that I belong to, with thousands of members are all praying for everyone. God bless and keep you all safe.

  4. Dear Catherine,

    It is a great consolation to know that you and your groups are keeping us in prayer. Probably why we managed to stay safe!

    Father Marc

  5. Father Marc,
    Are all of your children safe? I have been following Theo's Workshop for several years. I pray that all of you are okay.