Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dieuline Louis-Joseph

This is eight year old Dieuline who was spared in the earthquake that brought Haiti to her knees two weeks ago. Dieuline's mother had a concussion and might require surgery so we are caring for Dieuline. She was hungry so I gave her a glass of milk and a sandwich (not very Haitian of me but she did not seem to mind).


  1. God Bless Dieuline and her mom...you are both in my prayers...and God bless Father Marc for sharing what he has. What a beautiful little girl.

  2. Fr Marc, Tonight I, with over 5500 other members of the ONE organization, participated in a conference call and an online forum. Many different issues concerning the situation in Haiti and the future rebuilding were addressed. I posted your web site during the conference. Hopefully, some, maybe many,will be touched by the Holy Spirit to visit online-and financially support--Village Espwa. I am deeply troubled and disturbed by the pictures of the prisoners; unfortunately, my tears do not help them. Bless you for including them in your ministry. I so much wish that there was more that I could do; as always, I will continue to pray for them and all of you.