Thursday, January 21, 2010

More earthquake victims

The top photo is of a lady who was buried for two days in the rubble after the earthquake. She was found and dug out, brought to a hospital in PaP but never got to see a doctor. Friends found a way to bring her to Cayes so she is receiving treatment for a crushed foot. She's praying that it is not amputated.
Watson, sitting up, is one of our graduates and was in PaP when the disaster struck. His left leg was broken and he is grateful to be home.
The lady in the bottom photo does not recall what happened to her or how she got to Cayes. Her left leg is badly damaged but she saw an American orthopedic surgeon and hopes for the best.
The beds do not have time to cool off. Once a patient is stabilized, he is transferred to tent city and someone else takes his place.

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