Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Riot in prison

Heard about the riot in prison and the loss of life so I went over there. Good Lord! Two-thirds of the prison is destroyed. There are holes in the walls to the exterior and holes in the roof that the prisoners used to escape. The prisoners overtook the guards and beat them up but could not get out the main entrance. They set fire to the archives and burned anything they could. The prison staff were not ready for this and several ending up shooting prisoners whom they have come to know over a long period of time.
Immediate needs: food, clothing, first aid medical attention, personal hygiene items. The remaining prisoners are all inhumanely shut up in four cells. It is deplorable! We will be preparing food for them here at Castel-Pere and delivering it to them as soon as we can. Don't know how long we can keep this up. Please pray for the prisoners, the guards and us.


  1. There was a elderly lady resured yesterday after 7 days in the rubble. Doctors are at a loss to explain her survival. They said she was singing and calling and praying to God for help. How about at 6PM eastern we all stop and say a rosary for you and Haiti. If some don't know how a simple Our Father would be good.

  2. How sad for the prisoners and the staff there. Just when there is hope of getting more supplies into town.

    Did you feel today's 6.1 quake/aftershock?