Monday, January 25, 2010

New residents

Lebert, 14 years old, and Kervin, 13 have joined the Espwa family. Lebert was at school when the earthquake happened. He was buried and finally rescued but when he went home he found it destroyed. He searched and searched but found no one. He was put on a bus for Les Cayes. Kervins was a restavek in Port Salut. His single mom could not care for him and work in PaP at the same time so she placed him with a family in Port Salut. Kervin says he was abused in every way as a restavek and ran away when the earthquake struck. He was not able to reach PaP and wonders if his mom is alive. Is someone making a list of survivors so that loved ones can find them?


  1. Looking for silver linings in all of this and one of my hopes has been that the EQ would be at least be an opportunity for some of the restaveks to run free. Thanks for sharing this story, Fr. Marc ... I'm so thankful this boy has made his way to Pwoje Espwa. There's hope for him now.

  2. Not sure if this is any help, but this is an internet resource for collecting and distributing information about people in Haiti.
    There was an article about it in the Washington Post.

    Click on Haiti Live

    Barb in New Mexico.

  3. I cannot even begin to imagine how frightened and insecure a child must feel in Lebert's situation! Kervin may be in a better place now, but he must still worry about his mom.