Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Joey's mom

Joey Lamarre's mother is one of our housemothers. She spoke to Joey who was in class when the earthquake struck yesterday. His professor and two of Joey's classmates were killed as the walls of the university crashed down. Joey was hurt and was buried for six hours but he was finally freed and brought to a temporary clinic. He may have serious injuries and his mom is going to Port-au-Prince to be with him.


  1. For those who do not know him, Joey is a medical student who is at the top of his class. We are very proud of him...will keep him as well as his family, professors, and classmates in our prayers

  2. Father Marc,
    Would you let Joey's mom know that we are concerned about Joey and will keep him in our prayers. Thanks for the information.

    I hope his injuries are not extensive.