Friday, January 15, 2010

Closed streets and rolling blackouts

Later today EdH (Electricite d'Haiti) will start rolling out rations of electricity as the fuel supply is dwindling. The plan is to provide electricity at night for security and a few hours during the day. Only one gas station is open at this time and folks are predicting super high prices.
It was very quiet when I drove through the town this morning. Many side roads are blocked with tires, carts and colorful lottery stands as people refuse to sleep in their homes and choose to sleep in the street. The hospital grounds are covered with patients who will be hungry in a few hours. We are sending food to be prepared at laMadonne for them. Met a man on the street this morning who comes from Jacmel which was hit hard by the earthquake. He was talking to himself in Kreyole, French, Spanish with a sprinkling of English. He spoke to me but I could not make out what he was saying. He abruptly turned away and walked into the darkness. Witnessing the massive destruction and loss of life can make anyone lose it.


  1. Hoping that some aid can get to Jacmel today- the news from there is so bad....

  2. Hi there. Thank u for your reporting. Could you tell me anything about Doctor Clausel Betrand Jr? He works with you but don't know about his whereabouts.

    We cannot make contact with him or his father who lives in Port-au-Prince.