Sunday, January 17, 2010

Joey's back

Joey Lamarre, a second year medical student, came home to us after living through hell in Port-au-Prince. Joey was in class last Tuesday when the earthquake happened. The walls of the medical school buckled and Joey and his classmates were buried in debris. After six hours of struggling and with the help of people outside, Joey was able to get out and help rescue some of his classmates. His professor and six classmates were killed. Joey recounted his experience to us after church this morning. It was moving to hear him and extremely sad as he told of finding his friends who did not make it.


  1. Thank you for your continuous and informative updates on your blog. I am very worried about you all and the whole country of Haiti. The blog helps!

    I have added a link, photo and blurb about you on my blog. Hope it gets you a little more awareness and donations.

    Praying for you all,

  2. Joey,

    So good to see you. We were very worried when we heard that you were buried in debris. Sorry about your friends, one tragic story after another. We are praying for your good health and say hi to your mom.
    Father Marc, will you give him my message. Thanks

  3. Thank you Father for all of your updates. It is our only link to you and the children and the people of Les Cayes.
    Please tell DJohnny Fontange that I hope his family in PaP are safe and all are in my prayers.
    I sent out an appeal to everyone I know with a link to the website asking for donations. I have heard from many that they have responded.
    God Bless.