Saturday, January 16, 2010

Positive news

The cell phone company Digicel is back on line. This will make communications much easier. The next time I'm in the states, I'm gonna purchase a half dozen long-distance walkie-talkies like Motorola sells. They can cover a distance of 30 miles these days.


  1. I would be happy to provide them for you and personally bring them with us as soon as we can get there! Consider making a list on of like a wedding registry for needed items) This will ensure accuracy and prevent overlap. We are working non-stop to promote your struggle please be well!

    Seth Goldberg
    Global Family Philanthropy

  2. Seth - perhaps you could help Fr. Marc set up an wishlist.

    Praying for you Fr. Marc.

  3. Please post when the list is set-up on Amazaon! Great idea!!

  4. Fr.Marc-
    We met you at our church in Los Alamitos 3 years ago and try to help all we can. Our family would like to help purchase your 'wish list'! Please let us know how to assist! May God watch over you and all those in your care-
    The Edwards
    Long Beach, CA.