Friday, January 29, 2010

Rebecca Noel

Meet newly arrived Rebecca Noel. She's seven and comes from Port-au-Prince. Her mother was badly hurt in the earthquake and the father has not been found. Rebecca will be us while her mother recuperates near Camp-Perrin. Rebecca is quiet but friendly and has hit it off with our girls.


  1. God bless you Father Marc; praying for your efforts. May the Lord bear you up on eagles wings. May your needs and the needs of those that surround you be met. I began 'following' your blog before the earthquake.
    Karen (louvregirl)in Boone, North Carolina

  2. New at this blogging, so here goes! First, we again offer Mass for you in the morning. Your news is so much more meaningful than what we read or hear in the media. The image of Noel carries so much of your care and good taste which you personify in your presence. At this distance we feel so incapable, but wanting to be useful if possible. If funds are reaching you, and other supplies that you need, that's good news. We are with you as the situation permits. Hope to have lunch with you again in OC. RalphZ