Sunday, January 31, 2010

Masked translators

The two translators are Biondy and Judex. So Arnie gets half an ESPWA water bottle!


  1. Didn't you read the post? You and Amanda were not eligible cause you used to work here!! Besides, you can have a water bottle anytime you want!

  2. Yeah, Judex! I knew it was him! What an incredible young man to have picked up such impeccable English in such a short time. He told me that spends what little money he has buying computer time in town twice a week, to learn more and practice his English. He was also very helpful as a translator to everyone in my group, when we needed help communicating with the younger children. I'm praying that good things and lots of opportunities come his way. Sue Valiton

  3. Half a water bottle? I guess I can use it as a cup:)